State House Report 9 - 2018

2018 Legislative Session

Indiana University Office of Government Relations

 Statehouse Report 9


The General Assembly was a very busy place this week. Tuesday was the committee deadline in the House, with Thursday being the House’s second reading deadline and the Senate’s committee deadline.

We expect the House and Senate will spend long hours on Monday and Tuesday next week considering the remaining bills before their second and third reading deadlines. 

Bills That Moved

House Bills

HB 1039 – 529 Plans: This bill, which had already called for a study of topics surrounding 529 plans, was amended in committee to expand the study topics and to only allow a state tax credit for payments made for qualified higher education expenses from a 529 plan, barring a state tax credit for 529 plan payments towards elementary or secondary public, private, or religious schools. After passing out of committee, the bill moved through second reading and is now scheduled for third reading in the Senate.

HB 1047 – Education Benefits for Veterans: This bill would exclude veterans’ benefits from the financial aid determination process, as well as provide an automatic tuition refund to members of the Indiana National Guard and Reservists called to active duty post-course enrollment. This bill passed third reading in the Senate and will now go to the Governor for his signature or veto.

HB 1074 – Various Higher Education Matters: This is the annual bill representing legislation being pursued by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE). It would make changes to the renewal of 21st Century Scholars scholarships, modify procedures for state universities to sell real estate, and address other student financial aid matters. This bill passed through second and third reading in the Senate and will now go back to the House to consider amendments during committee in the Senate.  

HB 1242 – Resident Tuition for Serving on the USS Indiana: This bill allows certain persons who serve or have served on the USS Indiana to be eligible for resident tuition at state educational institutions. This bill passed out of committee and is eligible for second reading on Monday.

HB 1426 – Education Matters: This bill would establish a single Indiana high school diploma with different designations for general, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, Core 40 with Technical Honors, and a diploma option for students with significant cognitive disabilities. This bill passed out of committee and is scheduled for a second reading next week in the Senate.

Senate Bills

SB 50 – Workforce Development; Career and Technical Education: This bill would create several workforce-related programs and studies. It passed out of committee and through second reading this week. It is now eligible for third reading in the House on Monday.

SB 240 – Emotional Support Animals: This bill provides who may use an emotional support animal, who may prescribe an emotional support animal, and when an individual may be prescribed an emotional support animal. The bill also provides that an individual with a disability that is not readily apparent who submits a request for an emotional support animal that falsely suggests the individual has a disability that entitles the individual to the use of an emotional support animal in a dwelling commits a Class A infraction. This bill passed through committee, amended on second reading, and passed third reading this week. It will now go back to the Senate to consider the House’s amendment.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

The House deadline for consideration of Senate bills on third reading is this coming Monday, while the Senate deadline for second reading on House bills is on Monday and its third reading deadline on Tuesday.  Thus, we expect that both chambers will spend many hours on their respective floors with final consideration of the remaining bills.