State House Report 16 - 2015

2015 Legislative Session

Indiana University Office of State Relations

State House Report 16



During the second half of the session, 267 bills remained alive (having been heard in committee and passing 2nd and 3rd reading) out of 397 bills that passed the first half of the session.  Of these remaining bills, IU is tracking 56.  With the regular committee hearing process completed, all attention last week was focused on conference committee meetings and either concurrence motion or conference committee votes on the floors of each chamber.

As of this report, 23 bills on IU’s tracking list have been finalized, either through a concurrence motion and vote or because they were not amended in the second House and went straight to the Governor.  Thus, as we enter the final week of the session, 33 bills that IU is tracking are pending final agreement and action.

Bills that Moved Last Week

HB 1001 State Biennial Budget:  Meetings were held throughout the week by conference committee members, but we don’t expect a final agreement on the biennial budget bill until the final days of the session.

HB 1273 Carroll Stadium:  The bill, as amended in the Senate, authorizes Indiana University to issue bonds for up to $20 million to make improvements to the existing Carroll Stadium in connection with a lease agreement for use of the stadium by the Indy Eleven professional soccer team. A conference committee meeting was held and Vice President Tom Morrison testified in support of the bill.

HB 1333 State Student Financial Assistance:  The bill, sought by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, makes general revisions to state student financial assistance statute.  A conference committee hearing was held.

HB 1466 Public Employee Pension System:  The bill applies to entities, including IU, which established a new pension plan for new hires of certain employees while freezing participation in the state’s Public Employee Retirement System (PERF).  The bill would require IU to make additional payments to the state to cover any increases in unfunded liability that results from freezing enrollment in PERF.  A conference committee hearing was held and IU testified.

SB 123 Centers for Medical Education:  The bill, sought by IU, as passed the Senate would update statute for references to the locations of the Indiana University School of Medicine Centers for Medical Education.  An initial conference committee hearing was held and IU testified in support of the bill.  A conference committee report was approved by the House and is pending in the Senate.

SB 509 Adult Grant: The bill, sought by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, would replace the state’s current part time student grant program with a new adult learner grant program.  A conference committee report was approved by the Senate and a vote on the report is pending in the House.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

The legislative session must end on Wednesday.  As always, the greatest attention will be focused on the biennial budget bill.  Conference committee negotiations are expected to produce a final budget by the deadline.  But as mentioned above, IU is also tracking many other bills that are pending final action.