The Office of State Relations serves as the primary liaison between Indiana University and the legislative and executive branches of Indiana government, including the Indiana General Assembly, the Office of the Governor, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the State Budget Agency, and other relevant units of state government. The State Relations team also works closely with other universities and higher education groups in Indiana.

IU Director of Veterans Support Services, Margaret Baechtold, joins Governor Mike Pence, Superintendent Glenda Ritz, Senator Sue Glick, Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Frank Mrvan, Representative Jim Baird, Representative Doug Gutwein, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Charles Moseley, Representative Dennis Zent, and others, as SEA 331 Second Service for Veterans is signed into law, April 22, 2014

SB 331 Bill Signing

IU student government leaders from IU Bloomington, IU Northwest, and IU South Bend join student government leaders from other Indiana institutions of higher education at Student Government Day at the State House, April 25, 2014

Student Government Day

Becca Polcz, the Director for Government Relations, and IU Student Association leaders, Jose Mitjavila, Andy Braden, and Chris Kauffman join Governor Mike Pence, Senator Jim Merritt, Representative Jud McMillin, Representative Christina Hale, and others, as SEA 227 Alcohol and Medical Emergencies; Crime Studies is signed into law, April 30, 2014

SEA 227 Bill Signing